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I was not able to go to the AWP conference this year, which is too bad. Not too bad because it's great to be surrounded by writers trying not to look too much like writers (or are trying really hard to look like them), or because I couldn't go to the off-site readings that I'm sure were mostly a great time. And it's not too bad I missed out on listening to an interesting lecture or missed wandering into a talk that was starting to get heated. No, it's too bad I missed out on all of the free journals and awesome books to tempt the plastic in my wallet.

However, with all of those journals passed around at AWP like coupons for discounted car washes, I wonder how many of them will be around ten years from now? Which ones will make their mark on the literary community? What editors will become respected for finding the next great so-and-so? Which one seems worth buying a subscription?

For the question concerning which print journals might be around ten years from now, a new study shows that if a journal has survived its first three years or has an affiliation with a university, the chances of sticking around for another seven plus are pretty good.

Of course, the print periodical industry as a whole has been licking its wounds for awhile, especially with the increasing quality of and demand for online journals. At 41% of literary journals still being published today from an initial 1980 launch, though it's nothing to go crazy about, literary journals and popular magazines (43%) are almost on par (source)

So, if you are fresh from AWP with an extra duffel bag of journals, take a few minutes and see who supports them and how long they have been printing. If there is no college affiliation, the journal is in its first three years, and you like what the editors have done, this is where your subscription dollars should go. Also, if you have been pounded by snow and ice and have driven through all of the salt-soaked roads, get your car washed.

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Melis | February 9, 2011 at 9:37 PM

Also because I was there!

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