This week has been tough to sit down and really dive into a good essay or poem to bring to the blog (it snowed! and Jack Frost took my blanket), so instead I thought I would pass along a semi-long article on that explores the distinction between the "MFA writer" and the "NYC writer." Every few months I come across an article that discusses the MFA. Usually, the question is whether it is a good thing or a bad thing for a writer. This article takes a different angle.


Brief thoughts:

The article attempts to coldly distinguish the motivations of MFA programs and writers with NYC writers in the publishing-cocktail. The difference related mostly to NYC= focused on big-bang book, and the MFA=writer-professor focused on nice jobs at the expense of fame.

The comparison of short-story and novel are interesting, also accessibility, expansion of MFA programs, and how we are all affected by the MFA.

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